River Hills Stud Farm

River Hills Stud Farm is a thoroughbred spelling farm, located in the beautiful Mary Valley 70 minutes north of Brisbane, Queensland.

It truly is the 'Hidden Gem of the Mary Valley'.

River Hills Stud Farm specialises in the care of broodmares in foal, the spelling of thoroughbred racehorses and offers many other services including the preparation of weanlings and yearlings for thoroughbred sales.

River Hills Stud Farm, the 'Hidden Gem of the Mary Valley', boasts seeded, irrigated and fertilised spelling paddocks and yards for spellers, broodmares, weanlings and foals. This beautiful setting, the climate and terrain of the Mary Valley creates an ideal environment to spell your thoroughbreds.

River Hills principal Mark Hickey and his dedicated team have extensive hands-on experience in the care and preparation of thoroughbred horses and broodmares and are looking to create new initiatives at the stud for their clients.

Dark Lord

The stud has quickly achieved a good reputation as a well managed spelling farm for racehorses, particularly in the care of broodmares and foals.

The stud offers first rate broodmare handling facilities and safe foaling down facilities. The stud also offers 24 hour around the clock care for foaling down mares, with knowledgeable staff and veterinarians on hand 24/7.


River Hills Stud Farm is located in beautiful Mary Valley on the banks of the Mary River via Kandanga, 70 minutes north of Brisbane, Queensland.

Heading north from Brisbane, turn left off the Bruce Highway onto Kenilworth Skyring Creek Road, turn right onto Tuchekoi Road (heading towards Imbil), then left onto Lowe Road, then first left onto Friedland Road and continue to the end of the road to the gates of the Stud.

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